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This procedure allows you to manually add the project structure line items. The Cost Control Level assignment must be in place to define the budget, accumulate actuals, calculate earned value, and generate a forecast for the project structure.

  1. Navigate to Projects > Project Structure.

  2. At the top of the screen, in the green parameter bar, click the Project ellipsis to view the required project structure.

  3. If required, click REFRESH to update the screen.

  4. Click the Project Structure tab.

  5. Right-click the rows list and select Insert Under. This creates a new row under the selected line item.

    Do not choose Insert or Insert Multiple options. If these options are used, the project structure will not be added as a part of the project unless the parent path ID is also specified.

    • The Insert Under option places the project structure below the selected line item.

    • If the Insert Row option is used, the project structure is placed at the same hierarchy as the selected line item.

  6. Type in a unique ID.

  7. Type in the project structure line item Name.

  8. Click the Type ellipsis to select the required project structure type. The available project structure types are listed below:

    • Control Account

    • Planning Package

    • Summary Level Planning Package

    • WBS

    • Work Package

  9. Click the Parent Path ID ellipsis to select the required parent.

  10. Click the Cost Control Level ellipsis to select Yes.

  11. Select the Contract Cost Control Level check box.

    To delete a project structure line item, select the project structure line item and click Delete Row(s) in the Project Structure panel. An error message is displayed if the transactions associated with the project structure are found. This indicates that the project structure cannot be deleted.

  12. Click the ICMS Cost Categories and Groups ellipsis and select the required category.

  13. Click Save icon. The full path ID is displayed.