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Estimate Structure tab is used to establish the native estimate project structure when the estimate structure is not established during the project creation by creating it manually or importing it from an external file. This includes the hierarchy of the estimate structure as well as attributes. The attributes include project alternate structure (ABS – Alternate Breakdown Structure, OBS – Object Breakdown, CBS – Cost Breakdown Structure), project object, and rate tables.

This is only done when creating a standalone estimate project. If you are creating an opportunity, the opportunity and estimate structure should be created/updated using Opportunity Structure tab of the Opportunities screen (Portfolios > Opportunities > Opportunity Structure).

This estimate project structure can be established in the below listed ways:

  • Manually create the estimate structure

  • Import the estimate structure from an external file

Follow the procedure below to establish the estimate project structure.

  1. Navigate to Estimating > Estimate Structure.

  2. Click the Estimate Structure tab.

  3. At the top of the screen, in the green parameter bar, click the Project ellipsis to select the required project.

  4. Click REFRESH to update the screen.

    In the Estimate Structure panel, the Structure Type column always displays EST for structure lines belonging to the root cost object, indicating that this project structure belongs to an estimate project.