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The Change Validation Checks helps you to understand if an open change is ready to be submitted for approval. You can submit a change for approval only if the change header has already been established (see Create New Change) and change line items have been established and assigned to a change. Workflow users required to approve the change per threshold settings (see Project > Project Setup) must be defined properly as well.

You can view the status of open change’s validation checks in the Change Register tab via reference of the Validation column. Pass indicates that all validation checks have passed. Fail indicates that one or more validation checks have failed. To view the status of individual validation checks for the selected change, click on the Fail or Pass hyperlink in the Validation column.

When all validation steps have passed, a Submit hyperlink appears in the Change Register panel.

Follow the procedure below to view the status of change validation checks:

  1. Navigate to Changes > Changes.

  2. Click the Change Register tab.

  3. In the Validation column, click the Pass or Fail hyperlink.

    If all the validation checks are completed, Pass hyperlink appears, else Fail hyperlink appears.