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This procedure allows you to cancel an unapproved change request. Once the approved change is cancelled, it cannot be edited. Also, a log entry appears in the Portfolio Change Log panel and the status of the change updates to Cancelled. The project change creator and all users on the Change Workflow and All Workflows distribution lists found in the Workflow Admin tab on Project Setup screen (Projects > Project SetupWorkflow Admin) are notified via email for budget, scope, and forecast changes. All users on the All Workflows and Forecast Variance Workflow distribution lists are notified via email for forecast variance changes.

To re-open a cancelled change request, see Re-Open a Change Request.

  1. Navigate to Changes > Changes.

  2. Click the Actions list and select Cancel Change.

  3. Click the Project ellipsis to select required project.

    The Project displayed in the green parameter bar at the top of the screen is the only project available for selection in the Cancel Change dialog box.

  4. Click the Change ellipsis to select required change.

  5. (Optional) Type in a Comment.

  6. Click RUN and then OK.