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This procedure allows you to update the general project structure attributes only if the Cost Control Level for the project structure is assigned.

If the Cost Control Level for a selected project structure is blank, then the project structure attributes can only be viewed but not modified.

  1. In the Project Structure Details panel, click the General tab.

  2. Edit the Object ID, if required.

  3. Edit the Object Name, if required.

  4. (Optional) Type in the number of Balance Periods.

  5. (Optional) Type in the number of Adjustment Periods.

  6. (Optional) Type in the required Objective.

  7. Click the ellipsis and select the required values:

    • Type: Select the project type.

    • (Optional) Responsible Manager: Select the responsible manager.

    • Progress Method: Select the progress method.

    • Forecast Method: Select the forecast method.

    • (Optional) Forecast Balance Method: Select the forecast balance method.

    • (Optional) Forecast Adjustment Method: Select the forecast adjustment method.

    • (Optional) PMB: Select Yes.

    • (Optional) OBS Name: Select the OBS name.

    • (Optional) CBS Name: Select the CBS name.

    • (Optional) ABS Name: Select the ABS name.

    • (Optional) ICMS Cost Categories and Groups: Select the ICMS cost categories and groups.

  8. Click SAVE.