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The time-phase settings defined (Start Date, End Date, or Curve) for each line item in the Original Budget screen (Budgets > Original Budget > Time-phasing tab) appear in the Forecast tab.

If Time-Phase Settings adjustment or balance method is assigned, then do not select Time-Phasing Method as Manual for that cost control object.

Follow the procedure below to update the existing time-phasing settings.

  1. Navigate to Forecasts > Forecast.

  2. Click the Time-phasing tab.

  3. Click the Time-Phasing Method ellipsis to select the required time-phasing method. The available time-phasing methods are listed below:

    • BCK - Back-Loaded

    • BEL – Bell Curve

    • FRN - Front-Loaded

    • LIN – Linear

    • MAN- Manual

  4. Select the required Start Date and End Date.

  5. Click the Dates Method ellipsis and select the required dates method. The available dates methods are displayed:

    • Manual

    • Smart Build Schedule Dates

      If the dates are available in the ITG_SB ProgressAndDatesAPI API, the Smart Build Start Date and Smart Build End Date auto-populate.

  6. Click the Refresh Manual Forecast ellipsis and select the required value.

  7. Click the Cost Object Currency ellipsis and select the currency.

  8. Click the Save icon.

    • When you select a Time-Phasing method, it is mandatory to select a Dates Method for that particular line item.

    • If you select Manual Dates Method, the time phase Start Date and End Date are applied for time phasing. If you select Smart Build Scheduled Dates Dates Method, the Smart Build Start Date and Smart Build End Date are applied for time phasing.