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If the Manual time-phasing method has been selected for an object or Detail Settings was selected and one of the line items has a Manual curve, the totals entered for a line item on the Original Budget screen must be manually spread at the line item level on the Time-Phasing screen. The Total Time-Phased Cost, Quantity, and Hours must match the corresponding line item amounts on the Original Budget screen. If they do not, the amount of the variance is displayed in the Delta fields when the Time-Phasing spreadsheet is saved. The user must resolve variance issues before the budget is submitted for approval. Additional fields to assist in balancing the total and time-phased amounts are viewable in the Time-Phasing Manual Details panel by sliding the spreadsheet splitter to the right.

To streamline the time-phasing of line item data while maintaining maximum control of per period values, a user may wish to first assign one of the non-manual curves, time-phase the data, then assign the Manual curve to allow for per period control of values.