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This procedure allows you to add and schedule a new cost object to a project in the Project Scheduler tab.

  1. Click the Project Scheduler tab.

  2. In the Project Scheduler panel, select the row below which you want to add a new cost object and click the Add New Row  icon.

  3. Click the Object ellipsis and select the cost object to which you want to add a project.

  4. Type in a unique ID and Name.

  5. Click the Cost Object Type ellipsis and select the cost object type.

  6. Click Cost Control Level (ID) ellipsis and select Yes.

  7. Click SAVE.

    You cannot delete any Object rows in this screen.

  8. Double-click the Start Date field.

    1. Select the Start Constraint Type from the list.

      If you do not select constraint type, EcoSys selects None as the constraint type.

    2. Click the Start Constraint Date ellipsis, select a start date and then click OK.

  9. Double-click the End Date field.

    1. Select the Finish Constraint Type from the list.

    2. Click the Finish Constraint Date ellipsis, select an end date and then click OK.

  10. Type the number of hours/days in the Duration field.

  11. Click SCHEDULE.

    • If you do not run the Scheduler after making the changes to the chart, a yellow banner appears indicating that you must click the SCHEDULE button to execute the changes.

      Once you click the Acknowledge button in the banner, it disappears immediately. This yellow banner will no longer appear when scheduling is needed, instead a yellow triangle appears next to the SCHEDULE button on the top.

    • After making any changes, if you navigate away from the chart with unscheduled changes, a pop-up appears indicating that you have unsaved changes. Click OK to proceed.

    • Red color bar indicates the cost object with longest duration and critical path.

    • You can also view the cost objects, cost object attributes, and milestones of the project in the Gantt chart based on the timescale by clicking the Show Subscale check box and selecting the required timescale from the Timescale Subunit list. If the Timescale Unit is Day, you can no longer select Timescale Subunit.