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This procedure allows you to map the activities to project CBS.

  1. Click the Map to Project [Cost] Structure tab and then click the Activities tab.

  2. In the Map Activities to CBS panel, click the Link hyperlink against the WBS item which you want to map to the project structure.

  3. In the Project Structure Map panel, select the Link hyperlink against the activity which you want to map to the project CBS item.

    The activity row in the Map Activity to CBS panel changes to green color and the Count of Mapping Rules value increases.

    Also, a transaction is created in the Mapping Rules panel with a unique Mapping ID.

    You can map multiple project line items with the same project CBS item and vice versa.

  4. In the Mapping Rules panel, type in the Mapping Sequence to set the sequence of the WBS item.

    If Mapping Sequence is left blank, Create Date will be used to factor sequence of mapping.

  5. Click the below ellipsis and select the required values:

    • Source Path ID - If required, change the Source Path ID.

    • (Optional) Activity - Select the activity for this transaction.

    • (Optional) Cost Account ID - Select the appropriate cost account.

    • (Optional) Resource ID - Select the resource you want to assign to this transaction.

    • You can add or delete new and existing rows in Mapping Rules panel using Insert Row and Delete Row(s) icons.

    • To view the activity transaction details, select the transaction row. The details appear in the Schedule Mapping Rules Form panel.

  6. (Optional) Click the Update Target hyperlink and select the Target Cost Object to which you want to map the WBS item.

    The Target Object Path ID gets updated.

  7. Click SAVE.