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Forms are similar to Spreadsheets. In fact, they both share the same subject areas. However, unlike a spreadsheet which presents multiple records organized in rows and columns, forms present records one at a time for viewing or editing, in a user-designed layout. Since only one transaction can appear at a time, this means you can't group data like in spreadsheets and reports. Forms support Tabbed and Accordion style layouts for both viewing and editing data and can be used in conjunction with Screen Layouts to create a customized interface.

The Forms Definition screen allows users with Financial Administration access to create, format and assign rules for different types of forms to be used in EcoSys. Just like reports and spreadsheets, forms are assigned to a subject area which will govern which fields are available to be displayed and edited.

Forms may be added as items in menus, or they may also be displayed as panels in Custom Screens. They may also be previewed from the form definition itself.