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This procedure provides estimating functionality to a project that was created in the Project Setup screen (Project > Project Setup). The existing project gets updated so that it is visible within the Estimating module. No existing project cost data will be copied to the estimate.

A new rate table will be created for the project. If the Hours and Quantity rate tables for the project were not previously assigned, this new rate tables will be assigned to the Project.

  1. Click the Actions list and select Activate Estimating for Existing Project.

    The Activate Estimating for Existing Project dialog box appears.

  2. Click the Project ellipsis to select the required project.

  3. (Optional) Type the Comment.

  4. Click the Run button. The Activate Estimating for Existing Project confirmation box appears.

  5. Click the OK button.

    To view the log entry, click the Project ID hyperlink and click the Log tab in the Project Details panel.