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This procedure allows you to manually add and modify project change line items for unapproved Scope, Budget, and Forecast changes.

SHARED Tip If the Project Exchange Rate Table is established in Project Setup screen, the system cannot calculate Cost in Project Currency.

  1. Navigate to Changes > Changes.

  2. Click the Change Register tab.

    You can update only the changes in Open status.

  3. Click the Change ID hyperlink. The Change Details panel appears.

  4. Click the Details tab.

  5. Click the Insert Row icon to add a new row.

  6. Click the ellipsis to select the required values in the below fields:

    • Object Path ID - Select an object ID.

    • (Optional) Cost Account ID - Select a cost account.

    • (Optional) Resource ID - Select a resource ID.

    • (Optional) UOM ID - Select the units of measurement.

    • (Optional) Currency - Select the currency.

  7. Type the required details of the resources:

    • (Optional) Description - Type the object description.

    • (Optional) Quantity - Type the quantity of resources.

    • (Optional) Hours - Type the estimated number of hours to be spent on the project.

    • (Optional) Cost - Type the cost to be spent on the resources.

  8. Select the object Start Date.

  9. Select the object End Date.

  10. Click SAVE.

    Click the Delete Row(s) icon to delete the change line items.

  11. Click REFRESH to view the updated changes in the Change Register panel.

    You can customize the view of the Change Details panel from the view settings.