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This procedure allows you to create a new estimate project using the selected estimate project as a source project. The new project contains the source project's structure and estimates transactions. After the estimate project is created, a log entry appears on the Log tab and an email notification is sent to the project creator to confirm that the project was successfully created.

  1. Click the Actions list and select Create Estimate Project from Estimate Project.

  2. Click the Estimate Source Project ellipsis to select the required estimate source project.

  3. Type the required Project Name.

  4. Click the Security Organization ellipsis to select the security organization. By default, the Organization appears.

  5. (Optional) Type the Comment.

  6. Click the Run button. The Create Estimate Project from Estimate Project confirmation box appears.

  7. Click the OK button.

    To view the log entry, click the Project ID hyperlink and click the Log tab in the Project Details panel.