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This procedure allows you to add weighted steps and calculate the weighted % complete for a particular cost object.

  1. In the Project Scheduler panel, select the cost object row for which you want to add weighted steps.

  2. In the Project Schedule Details panel, click the Weighted Steps tab.

  3. Click the Insert Row icon to add a new row for a work step.

  4. Type in the below fields:

    • ID - Type a work ID.

    • Description - Type the description of the work.

    • Weight - Type the weightage out of 100% for the particular work step.

  5. % Complete - Type the percentage of the work completed for the particular work step.

  6. Click SAVE. The field Weighted % Complete auto-populates.

    • Progress Form must have Actual Start Date populated and Progress Type set to Percent Complete for the Weighted Steps to write to the Progress of the cost object.

    • Click the Delete Row(s) icon to delete the selected row.