Create a Project without a Project Structure - EcoSys - 3.01 - Help - Hexagon PPM

EcoSys Projects Help (3.01)


This procedure allows you to create a project without a project structure. It presupposes that the project structure will be established manually or via the project structure import process. It is commonly utilized when the structure of a project varies from project to project and is determined by the project manager or project team.

This action populates the project with an ID (format established by the EcoSys administrator), and a project name supplied by the user. Default project attributes established by the EcoSys administrator are copied to the new project. Lastly, a project log is created, and an email is sent to the user creating the project.

  1. Navigate to Projects > Project Setup.

  2. Click the Actions list and select Create Project.

  3. Type in the Project Name.

  4. Click the ellipsis to select the required values.

    • Security Organization - Select the required security organization.

      By default, the last selected security organization appears.

    • (Optional) ICMS Main Project Type - Select the main project type.

    • (Optional) ICMS Project Type UOM - Select the units of measurement for the project type.

    • (Optional) Scheduler Method - Select the schedule method with which you want to execute this project.

  5. (Optional) Type in a Comment.

  6. Click RUN and then OK. A new project is created with an auto-generated Project ID and Active Status.

    • You can customize the view of the Project Register panel from the view settings.

    • To view the log entry, click the Log tab.