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Estimate Setup allows you to create new estimate projects, setup existing active projects for estimating, and maintain project attributes.

Estimate Setup includes the following sections:

  • Establish the Estimates

    • Create an Estimate Project without a Project Structure

    • Create an Estimate Project from Template

    • Create Estimate Project from Estimate Project

    • Create Estimate from Active Project

    • Activate Estimating for Existing Project

    • Re-Open Estimate Project

  • View or Update Estimate Project Attributes

    • Establish General Estimate Project Data

    • Establish Estimate Project Dates

    • Establish Estimate Project Currencies and Rate Tables

    • View Estimate Logs

  • Establish Estimate Project Structure

    • Establish and Maintain Estimate Structure Manually

    • Import Estimate Structure

  • View or Maintain Estimate Structure Attributes

    • View or Update Estimate General Attributes

    • View Estimate Structure Currency & Rates

  • View or Update Rate Tables

    • Update Project Labor Rates

    • Update Project Equipment Rates

    • Update Project Material Rates

    • Import Rate Tables

    • View All Project Estimate Rate Tables