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Run Time Parameters allow EcoSys users to filter the data in the report. Like an EcoSys Spreadsheet the parameters can be modified by hovering over the parameter area in the top green bar area of the screen. For any report that consists of data parameters, the parameter filters will appear at the top of the report. Make the appropriate parameter selection and click the Run button to the far-right to run the report.

Once the report is displayed, the user has the option to re- select parameters to update the report data and click the Run button again to update the report with the new data.

Run Report

To run a report in EcoSys:

  1. Choose the parameters in the Green Bar as required.

  2. Click the Run button to display the report.

  3. To export a to PDF, Excel, CSV, RTF, XML file, Pipe delimited or Tab delimited file:

    1. Click the Export button to select the file type.

    2. Select Go. This will save the file.

    3. Click Close to close the above pop-up box.

View Settings (hamburger icon access)

Located in the far upper left corner of the Green Bar is what is currently called the "hamburger icon". It is this icon that provides a user the access to the report Show View Settings available dynamically at run-time. If the report designer has configured these options a user has access to change the report at runtime and can save and manage these changes for later use.

Show View Settings

View settings are available for reports and spreadsheets. They are a group of options a designer may choose to enable for runtime customization by users. When enabled, a report user is able to make dynamic changes to the way a report looks and/or the data it contains at runtime. There are five areas in which a designer may pass control over to a user: grouping, report sorting, row filters, column visibility and cost and numeric column format.

When the icon is clicked the user has access to the following configurable options starting with Show View Settings at the top. When selected the user interface is displayed for the user to access the additional report customizations.

Group & Sort, Filter and Column – User Configuration Options

Group & Sort tab (User Can Group By)

If the EcoSys report designer has enabled this option, the Group tab will be accessible. When configuring the report, on the Group tab the designer may choose a column to be used as a default grouping. Additionally, on a column by column basis, the designer may check the User Can Group By check box which will give the user the ability to make grouping changes at report runtime.

Columns enabled for runtime grouping will display in the Group & Sort tab at runtime. These tabs are seen in the screenshot.

Filter tab (User Can Filter)

On the Row Filter tab, the designer may choose which columns a user may filter on at runtime. Use the check box titled User Can Filter to enable a column for dynamic row filtering. Designers should not set an Operator and Value unless they also want a default filter applied to the column.

At runtime in the view settings, the options display in the Filter tab.

Columns tab (User Can Show/Hide)

On the Columns tab the designer may choose which columns a user may show/hide at runtime by checking the User Can Show/Hide this Column at Runtime option box.

At runtime, enabled columns will display in the view settings Columns tab with an enabled show/hide check box.

Print Settings tab

On the Print Settings tab, the user may change the page size, orientation, and margins.