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All change time-phased results can be viewed on the Time-Phasing tab, regardless of change status.

The Delta Cost field can be used to easily view variances at the object level caused by discrepancies between the total amounts (costs, hours, and quantities) and time-phased amounts.

If the Delta Cost has a green background, the object’s Total Cost, Total Quantity, and Total Hours equals the total time-phased values. If the Delta Cost field has a red background, the object’s Total Cost does not equal the time-phased cost. If the Delta Cost field has a yellow background, the object’s Total Hours or Total Quantity do not equal the time-phased hours or quantity.

Follow the procedure below to review the results of either manual or systematic time-phasing.

  1. Navigate to Changes > Changes.

  2. Click the Change Register tab.

  3. Click the Change ID hyperlink. The Change Details panel appears.

  4. Click the Time-Phasing tab.

  5. Select the Start Period and End Period if required to view the time-phasing data of that particular period.

    If the curve type is not Manual, time-phasing project change details will be protected and cannot be updated.