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Multi Project Forecast is used to update multiple projects current forecast for the selected Project Periods simultaneously and determine the new Estimate-At-Complete (EAC) for each of the project’s objects based upon the selected Forecast Method

Time-phased and non-time phased projects must undergo the forecast time-phasing process. After the New EAC in the Multi Project Forecast screen is validated, you can begin the time-phasing process by running the Refresh Time-Phased Forecast (Multi Project) action which, using the current forecast as a basis, spreads ETC adjustments and the variances between the expected and actual costs, quantities and hours to one or more future periods. Then you can review initial results.

Once forecast values are as desired and all validation checks are passed, a forecast variance change can be created and submitted. The Create Forecast Change (Multi Project) action creates a new forecast variance change and generates change line items by comparing the in-process values to the current forecast. Following this submission, the forecast variance change is auto approved, and the current forecast is updated, closing out the forecast update process for the project period.