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The estimate details are updated based on the rate source selected. The available rate source options are listed below:

  • Cost Object Unit Rate Table

  • None

  • Transaction Rate

  • Transactions Unit Rate Table

Follow the procedure below to view or update the estimate details.

You can add the estimate details to only those line items whose Cost Control Level is set to Yes in the Estimate Summary panel.

SHARED Tip You can view all the details added to the project in the Summary tab.

  1. Navigate to Estimating > Estimate Summary.

  2. At the top of the screen, in the green parameter bar, click the Project ellipsis to view all the estimate details.

  3. Click Refresh for screen update.

  4. Click the Estimate Summary tab. The Estimate Summary panel appears.

  5. In the Estimate Summary panel, click the Total Cost hyperlink. The bottom panel appears where the estimate details can be updated.

    SHARED Tip You can customize the view of the Estimate Summary panel from the View Settings.