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The Alternate Structures screens are used to develop and maintain project-specific alternatives to the native project structure within EcoSys Projects. This includes alternative hierarchies that can be used for roll up and reporting purposes. The establishment of a project-specific alternate structure requires two steps: First, the project-specific category must be established. Second, the project-specific values must be established either through direct entry or import.

If a project-specific alternate structure is not established in the Alternate Structures screen, the enterprise-wide values will be available for the project. Alternate structure values can be assigned in the project structure setup screen and are limited to project structures with a cost control level assignment.

Three alternate structures are available for setup: Organizational Breakdown Structure (OBS), Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS), and Alternate Breakdown Structure (ABS).

Once an alternate structure has been created, it cannot be fully deleted until all alternate structure details are deleted (alternate structure tab) and an EcoSys administrator deletes the associated cost object category value.