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After a project is created, project attributes can be updated in the Project Register screen. If recently created project does not appear, refresh the screen using the refresh button at the upper right of the green parameter bar.

Follow the procedure below to update the attributes of a project.

You cannot edit a closed project.

  1. Navigate to Projects > Project Setup.

  2. Click the Projects tab.

  3. Click the ICMS: Main Project Type ellipsis and select the required main project type.

  4. (Optional) Click the above selected ICMS: Main Project Type hyperlink to specify the project requirements.

    For example, if you select Bridges as main project type, specify the below parameters.

    1. Click the Project ellipsis to select the required project.

      By default, the current selected project appears in the Project ellipsis. To change the project, click the Project ellipsis and select the required project.

    2. Type in the Name of Standard for bridge construction.

    3. Type in the Code Number of Construction.

    4. Click the Functional Type (Serving) ellipsis and select the bridge function type.

    5. Click the Nature ellipsis and select the nature of construction.

    6. Type in the Grade and Name of Environmental Certification.

    7. Click the Status ellipsis and select the project status.

    8. Click the Support ellipsis and select the support type for the bridge.

    9. Click the Mobility ellipsis and select the bridge mobility.

    10. Click the Material ellipsis and select the material type used for bridge construction.

    11. Click the Types of Obstacles Crossed ellipsis and select type of obstacle.

    12. Click the Curvature (Predominant) ellipsis and select bridge path.

    13. Type in the Number of Access Ramps to access the bridge.

    14. Type the number of foundations for bridge in the water in Number Each of Abutments/Piers/Towers with Foundations in Water field.

    15. Type the number of foundations for bridge on the land in Number Each of Abutments/Piers/Towers with Foundations Not in Water field.

    16. Type in the Design Life (years) of the bridge.

    17. Type in the Average Height of Deck Above or Below Sea Level (m | ft).

    18. Click the Average Height of Deck Above or Below Sea Level ellipsis and select if the bridge height measurement is from Above or Below the sea level.

    19. Type in the Width (including walkways, hard shoulders and the like) (m | ft).

    20. Type in the Maximum Height Above the Lowest Point Land/Water (m | ft).

    21. Type in the Minimum Clearance Height (m | ft).

    22. Type in the Deck Length Measured from Face to Face of Abutments (km | miles).

    23. Type in the Surface Area of Deck (m3 | ft2).

    24. Type in the Capacity (Amount) that the bridge can withstand.

    25. Type in the Capacity units.

    26. Click SAVE and CLOSE.

  5. Click the ICMS: Project Type UOM ellipsis and select the unit of measure.

  6. Click the Save icon.

  7. Click the Project ID hyperlink. The project details appear in the Project Details panel.

     You can customize the view of the Project Register panel from the view settings.