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The Portfolio Analysis dashboard displays all portfolios and data specific to projects in a selected portfolio. Hyperlinks provide access to an additional level of detail.

  1. Navigate to Projects > Portfolio Analysis.

  2. In the Portfolio List panel, click the Portfolio Name to view the Portfolio Projects panel and Portfolio Gantt Chart panel.

  3. In the Portfolio Projects panel, click the Project ID hyperlink. The Project Attributes panel appears, displaying general project information (General tab) and project documents (Document tab).

  4. In the Project Attributes panel:

    • Click the General tab to view the general attributes of the project.

    • Click the Documents tab to view the project documents.

  5. In the Portfolio Projects panel:

    • Click the Current Budget hyperlink. The Current Budget panel appears displaying the current budget detail by object.

    • Click the Actuals hyperlink. The Actuals panel appears, displaying production actuals detail by object.

    • Click the Current Forecast hyperlink. The Current Forecast panel appears, displaying production current forecast detail by object.