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This procedure allows you to assign resources and update all the details related to the activity.

  1. In the Activity Scheduler panel, select the activity row for which you want to add or assign resources.

  2. In the Activity Task Scheduler Tabs panel, click the Resource Assignment tab.

  3. (Optional) If required, click the Insert Row icon to add a row for new resource.

  4. Click the ellipsis and select the required values:

    • Object Path ID (SBS/WBS) - Select the main object path ID.

    • Activity Path ID - Select the activity for which you want to assign resource.

    • Cost Account ID - Select the cost account ID.

    • Resource ID - Select the resource ID that you want to assign.

  5. Type in the below fields:

    • Description

    • Quantity

    • Hours

    • Rate (Hrs)

    • Cost

      Rate field updates only when Hours are entered or changed.

  6. Click the ellipsis below and select the required values:

    • Curve - Select the appropriate curve.

    • UOM - Select the required unit of measurement.

    • Currency - Select the required currency.

  7. Click the Rate Source list and select the rate source.

    • Click SAVE. The Cost in Object Currency auto-populates.

      Click the Delete Row(s) icon to delete the selected row.