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A defined set of time-phase methods can be used to establish the Curve, Start Date, and End Date. Once established, these attributes will be utilized when time-phasing the estimate project. The following time-phasing methods can be assigned:

  • Back Loaded: Line items spread in a back-loaded curve.

  • Front Loaded: Line items spread in a front-loaded curve.

  • Linear: Line items spread linearly.

  • Bell: Line items spread in a bell curve.

Follow the procedure below to update the time-phase estimates settings.

  1. Click the Time Phasing tab.

    You can customize the Start Date, End Date, and Curve fields in the Estimate Summary panel from the View Settings.

  2. Select the Start Date.

  3. Select the End Date.

  4. Click the Curve ellipsis to select the required curve for time-phasing.

  5. Click the Save icon.