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The Time-Phase Resource Assignments action is used to systematically spread the resource rates between the Start Date and End Date of the cost objects. The resource rates are spread based on the selected curve and calendar assigned.

  • Scheduling can be done only for Time-Phased Projects.

  • If a calendar is not assigned at the resource level, it will use the assigned calendar at the owner cost object level. If no calendar is set at lower levels, it will use the calendar at the root cost object (Project) level.

The resource details can be provided using Resource Assignment tab. After time-phasing, the resource details can be viewed in Resource Hours Chart.

This process allows you to time-phase resource assignment for the selected project.

  1. Click the Actions list and select Time-Phase Resource Assignments.

  2. Click the Project ellipsis and select the project which you want to time-phase.

  3. Click RUN and then OK.