Establish Time-Phased Settings - EcoSys - 3.01 - Help - Hexagon PPM

EcoSys Projects Help (3.01)


A defined set of time-phase methods can be used to establish the Curve, Start Date, and End Date for an object or an object’s budget line items when the object’s Cost Control Level is set to Yes. Once established, these attributes will be utilized when time-phasing open line items. The following time-phasing methods can be assigned:

  • Back Loaded - Line items spread in a back-loaded curve.

  • Bell Curve - Line items spread in a bell curve.

  • Detail Settings - Time-phasing settings must be established at the line item level.

  • Front Loaded - Line items spread in a front-loaded curve.

  • Linear - Line items spread linearly.

  • Manual - The user manually defines time-phased values per period.

  • Project Schedule - Line items spread as per the inputs given in project schedule method.

Follow the procedure below to establish the time-phased settings.

  1. Navigate to Budgets > Original Budget.

  2. If required, click REFRESH to update the screen.