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The Detail Settings time-phasing method allows the user to establish a unique Start Date, End Date, and Curve for an object’s budget line items. Curve selections include:

  • Manual - The user manually defines time-phased values per period.

  • Back Loaded - Line items spread in a back-loaded curve.

  • Front Loaded - Line items spread in a front-loaded curve.

  • Linear - Line items spread linearly.

  • Bell - Line items spread in a bell curve.

First, the Time-Phase Method for an object must be set to Detail Settings. Next, line item settings (Start Date, End Date, and Curve) must be established at the budget line item level. Lastly, the user must run the Time-Phase Open Budget action. Line items associated with submitted or approved budgets are not impacted, nor are line items with a Manual curve.

Follow the procedure below to setup time-phasing for line items.

  1. Click the Time-Phasing tab.

  2. In the Original Budget Time-Phasing panel, click the Time-Phased Cost hyperlink of the object where the time-phasing method Detail Settings.

  3. Click the Settings tab. All line items established in the Original Budget screen will be displayed.

  4. Click the Curve ellipsis to select the required curve for time-phasing. The available time-phasing curves are listed below:

    • BCK - Back-Loaded

    • BEL - Bell

    • FRN - Front-Loaded

    • LIN – Linear

    • Man- Manual

  5. Select the required Start Date and End Date.

  6. Click SAVE.

    SHARED Tip Slide the spreadsheet splitter bar to the right to view additional balancing-related fields.