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TheTime Phase Forecast action applies updated time-phase settings and respreads the ETC. Any changes made to the working forecast (exclusive of changes to assigned forecast methods) are deleted. If a new Start Date, End Date, or Curve is established, this action will:

  • Refresh the current time-phased hours, costs, and quantities with the current forecast data.

  • Time-phase the data according to the specified Start Date, End Date, and Curve.

  • This action will only update cost control objects for which time-phased settings have been changed and will not delete time-phased forecast and manual time-phased transactions.

  • This action is not applicable for non time-phase projects.

  1. Navigate to Forecasts > Forecast.

  2. Click the Actions list and select Time-Phase Forecast.

  3. Click the Project ellipsis to select the required project. By default, the last selected project appears.

    The Project displayed in the green parameter bar at the top of the screen is the only project available for selection in the Time-Phase Forecast dialog box.

  4. Click RUN and then OK.