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EcoSys Projects Help (3.01)


Earned value data may be viewed or analyzed, including event data.

Analyze Earned Value

This procedure allows you to view the Analysis tab that displays the object hierarchy alongside a series of fields that may be used to predict and audit the results of the Generate Earned Value action. The Preview columns are calculated based upon the Preview % Complete and may be reviewed prior to the running of the Generate Earned Value action. The Current % Complete represents values that have been calculated by the Generate Earned Value action. The Target columns are calculated values based upon the current percent complete and may be used for auditing purposes after running the Generate Earned Value action. 

  1. Navigate to Progress > Earned Value.

  2. At the top of the screen, in the green parameter bar, click the Project and Project Period ellipsis to select the required project and period.

  3. Click REFRESH to update the screen.

  4. Click the Analysis tab.