View or Update Estimate Project Attributes - EcoSys - 3.01 - Help - Hexagon PPM

EcoSys Projects Help (3.01)


After an estimate project is created, you can update estimate attributes using the Estimate Project Register panel.

SHARED Tip If the recently created project is not displayed, you can refresh the screen.

Follow the procedure below to update the attributes of the project.

You cannot edit the attributes of a closed estimate project.

  1. Navigate to Estimating > Estimate Setup.

  2. Click the Estimate Register tab.

  3. (Optional) Enter the required SB_Project_UID from the Smart Build application.

  4. Click the Save icon.

  5. Click the Project ID hyperlink. The Project Details panel appear.

  6. To view the estimate status log, click the Estimate Status hyperlink in the Estimate Project Register panel.

    You can customize the view of the Estimate Project Register panel from the view settings.