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This procedure allows you to create new risk triggers, as well as view, edit, and delete existing risk triggers.

  1. In the Project Risk Details panel, click the Triggers tab.

    • By default, the last selected risk appears in the Risk ellipsis. To change the risk, click the Risk ellipsis in the green parameter bar and select the required risk.

    • You can customize the view of the triggers from the view settings.

  2. Click Insert Row icon to add a new trigger.

    Click the Delete Row(s) icon to delete a selected row.

  3. Enter the below information:

    • Trigger ID - Type a unique ID.

    • Description - Type the description of the trigger.

    • Probability Impact Weighting - Type the appropriate value based on the impact of the trigger.

    • Comment - Type the required comments on the trigger.

    • Estimated Date - Select the estimated date when the risk could trigger.

    • Actual Date - Select the actual date when the risk occurs.

  4. Click the Status ellipses to select the status of the risk. The available values are listed below:

    • PTN - Potential

    • RLZ - Realized

  5. Click SAVE.

    • To edit the existing triggers, update the information and click SAVE.

    • Click the Delete Row(s) icon to delete a selected trigger.