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Weighted quantity line items must be established before earned value is calculated for any object with a Weighted Quantities progress method. This can be accomplished by applying an enterprise-level weighted quantities template, importing weighted quantities line items, or manually creating weighted quantity line items for the relevant object.

The total weight of all weighted quantities established for an object should be equal to 100. However, if it does not, the system can still calculate Weighted % Complete assuming all quantities have an established Weight and % Complete.

After set-up is complete, the Actual Quantity of a weighted quantity line item must be updated before earned value is calculated.

Apply Weighted Quantities Enterprise Template

This procedure will copy a template composed of weighted quantity line items to the selected object. The template must first be created by the EcoSys administrator.

  1. Navigate to Progress > Earned Value.

  2. Click the Actions list and select Apply Template Weighted Quantities.

  3. Click the Project ellipsis to select the required project.

    The Project displayed in the green parameter bar at the top of the screen is the only project available for selection in the Apply Template Weighted Quantities dialog box.

  4. Click the Object ellipsis to select the required object.

  5. Click the Template ellipsis to select the required template.

  6. Click RUN and then OK.

Import Weighted Quantities Template and % Complete

This procedure allows you to import the weighted quantity line items from an Excel or tab-delimited file. This method may also be utilized to update the Actual Quantity for objects with a Weighted Quantities progress method.

  1. Navigate to Progress > Earned Value.

  2. Click the Import tab.

  3. In the Import Weighted Quantities panel, navigate to Sheet > Import.

  4. Click Choose File to select the required file.

  5. Select the required Format as per the selected file. The available values are listed below:

    • Excel

    • Tab-delimited

  6. From Import Rule for Incoming Records, select the Create New / Update Existing option.

  7. Select the Preview data before saving check box to validate the data before importing.

  8. Click OK to import the file.

    Verify the data on the screen, if there are any missing or blank fields, click REFRESH to discard the data and repeat the above procedure to import the file again.

  9. Click the Save icon.

    • Only the data from the first tab of the MS Excel spreadsheet is imported into the import spreadsheet.

    • You can customize the view of the Import Weighted Quantities panel from the view settings.

Manually Setup and Maintain Weighted Quantities Line Items

This procedure allows you to manually create weighted quantity line items in the Weighted Quantities panel.

  1. Navigate to Progress > Earned Value.

  2. Click the Earned Value tab.

  3. In the Progress Method column click the Weighted Quantities hyperlink for an object. The Weighted Quantities panel appears.

  4. Click the Insert Row icon to add a weighted quantity.

  5. Type in a unique ID.

  6. Type in the required Description.

  7. Type in the required Weight.

  8. Click the UOM ellipsis to select the required units of measurement.

  9. Type in the Budgeted Quantity.

  10. Type in the Actual Quantity.

  11. Type in the % Complete.

  12. Click SAVE. The values in the % Complete, Weight % Complete auto-populates.

    Click the Delete Row(s) icon to delete the selected weighted quantity.