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Follow the procedure below to import the material estimates.

SHARED Tip You can customize the view of the Material Estimate Import panel from the View Settings.

  1. Click the Import tab.

  2. In the Material Estimate Import panel, navigate to Sheet > Import. The Import Spreadsheet dialog box appears.

  3. Click the Choose File button to select the required file.

  4. Select the required Format as per the selected file. The available values are listed below:

    • Excel

    • Tab-delimited

  5. From Import Rule for Incoming Records, select the Create / Update Existing option.

  6. Select the Preview data before saving check box to validate the data before importing.

  7. Click the OK button to import the file.

    Verify the data on the screen, if there are any missing or blank fields, click the Refresh button to discard the data and repeat the above procedure to import the file again.

  8. Click the Save icon.