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After all time-phase settings have been applied, this procedure allows you to systematically spread costs, quantities, and hours for line items with the following Time-Phase Methods:

  • Back Loaded - Line items are spread with back-loaded curve.

  • Bell Curve - Line items are spread with bell curve.

  • Detail Settings - Time-phasing settings must be established at the line item level.

  • Front Loaded - Line items are spread with front-loaded curve.

  • Linear - Line items are spread linearly.

  • Manual - The user manually defines time-phased values per period.

  • Project Schedule - Line items spread as per the inputs given in project schedule method.

  1. Click the Actions list and select Time-Phase Open Budget.

  2. Click the Project ellipsis to select required project.

    The Project displayed in the green parameter bar at the top of the screen is the only project available for selection in the Time-Phase Open Budget dialog box.

  3. Click RUN and then OK.