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This procedure allows you to establish percent complete by replicating the percent complete of a source object. Only one object line item may be established for an object having an Apportioned Effort progress method.

  1. Navigate to Progress > Earned Value.

  2. Click the Earned Value tab.

  3. In the Progress Method column, click the Apportioned Effort hyperlink. The Apportioned Effort panel appears.

  4. Click the Insert Row icon.

  5. Click the Source Path ID ellipsis to select the object whose progress will be used to define the progress of the selected object with the apportioned effort progress method.

  6. Click SAVE. The Source % Complete will be updated after the Recalculate Working Forecast process is run.

    The data in the column Preview % Complete in Earned Value Summary panel is never displayed for objects with an Apportioned Effort progress method.