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Project Schedule allows you to define the work that needs to be executed and specify the time frame within which it needs to be completed.

Projects can be scheduled in three methods:

  • Project Schedule

  • Project Schedule Activity

  • Schedule WBS Activity

Individual calendars can be applied to the overall project, activities and resources found and assigned within the schedule. Also, specific calendars can be applied for individual project cost objects. These calendars are defined by the administrator.

Various relationships can be created between the cost objects/activities within the projects, such as, Finish to Start, Finish to Finish, Start to Finish and Start to Start.

Various constraints can be imposed on the cost object/activity dates, such as, Must Start On, Must Finish On, Finish No Earlier Than, Finish No Later Than, Start No Earlier Than and Start No Later Than.

The duration and relationships, as well as the calendar and constraints, are used to auto-calculate cost object/activity start and end dates and display the schedule’s gantt chart.

  • The cost objects/activities on the longest path appear in red. This path is called as Critical Path. The remaining available cost objects/activities which are not on the critical path appear in green.

  • If you make a change which cannot be applied, either because the logic is incorrect or the calendar doesn't allow it, all the bars on the gantt chart will turn yellow and a pop-up will appear at the bottom right of the screen with information regarding the problem.

  • Clicking the Undo button to causes the recent change to be undone.