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Follow the procedure below to view and modify the lessons learned attributes using the Project Lesson Learned Register tab.

  1. Navigate to Projects > Project Lesson Learned.

  2. At the top of the screen, in the green parameter bar, click the Project ellipsis to select the required project.

  3. If required, click REFRESH to update the screen.

  4. Click the Project Lesson Learned Register tab.

  5. Type in a unique Lesson Name.

  6. Select a Lesson Learned Date and Project Expected Finish date.

  7. Type in the below details:

    1. Description / What happened?

    2. Describe Business Impact

    3. Provide Recommendations

  8. Click the ellipsis to select the required values in the below fields:

    1. Lesson Learned Phase - Select the required lesson learned phase.

    2. Project Driver - Select the required project driver.

    3. Primary Work Emphasis - Select the primary work type.

    4. Secondary Work Emphasis - Select the secondary work type.

    5. Lesson Learned Plant/Unit - Select the lesson learned plant/unit.

    6. Lesson Learned Focus Area - Select the lesson learned focus area.

    7. Project Type - Select the project type.

    8. Project Location - Select the project location.

  9. Click the Save icon.

    You can customize the view of the Project Lesson Learned Register panel from the view settings.