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The time-phased forecast data can be viewed on the Time-Phasing tab. For time-phased projects, ensure all errors are resolved before the forecast variance is submitted for approval.

If the Delta Cost has a green background, then Refresh Time-Phased Forecast calculated the object’s Time-Phased Cost successfully. If the Delta Cost column has a red background, however, this indicates that the Time-Phased Cost did not calculate correctly due to issues with user-entered values. To help guide the user in correcting the values, fields utilized in the calculation of the time-phased values for the object in error will have a green background.

You can submit the forecast variance for approval if Total Quantity or Total Hours does not match the object’s Total Time-Phased Quantity or Total Time-Phased Hours, but the Time-Phased Cost must always match with the Total Cost.

Follow the procedure to view the time-phased details.

  1. Navigate to Forecasts > Forecast.

  2. Click the Time-phasing tab.

  3. Click the Time-Phased Cost hyperlink.

  4. Click the Details tab. The time-phasing details appear in the Time-Phasing Manual Details panel if Manual curve is selected for the cost control objects, otherwise it appears in the Time- Phasing Summary panel.