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This procedure allows you to update Smart Build CS codes for budget line items that do not have Approved, Partially Approved, or Submitted status.

  1. Click the Original Budget tab.

  2. Click the Unapproved Cost hyperlink to select the required object. The Unapproved Budget Details panel appears.

  3. Click the Unapproved Budget Items tab.

    • You can view the details of unapproved budget line items in the Unapproved Budget Items panel.

    • You can customize the views of Unapproved Budget Items and Unapproved Budget CS Code Update panels from their view settings.

  4. (Optional) In the Unapproved Budget CS Code Update panel, type in the SB_UID if you want to filter unapproved budget line items.

  5. Click the ellipsis to select the potential project specific CS codes:

    For example, SB_CS01 (Name) Subcontractors - Select the type of subcontractor.

    The available CS codes differ from project to project based on the establishments in the Smart Build application.

  6. Click SAVE.