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This procedure allows you to update the object progress details.

  1. In the Project Scheduler panel, select the cost object row for which you want to update progress details.

  2. In the Progress panel, select the Actual Start Date.

  3. Click the Progress Type list and select the required progress type.

    If you want to calculate Remaining Duration:

    1. Select Percent Complete as progress type.

    2. Type the total percentage completed for the cost object / activity in the Percent Complete field.

      By default, Percent Complete value is equal to total Weighted % Complete which is fetched from Weighted Steps.

    3. Click SAVE.

      For example,

      Percent Complete = 20%

      Original Duration = 400 hrs

      Calculation for Remaining Duration = 400 - (400 * 0.20) = 320 hrs.

      If you want to calculate Percent Complete:

    4. Select Remaining Duration as progress type.

    5. Type the remaining duration of the cost object in the Remaining Duration field.

    6. Click the Remaining Duration Units list and select the units.

    7. Click SAVE.

      For example,

      Actual Duration = 515 hrs

      At Complete Duration = 630 hrs

      Calculation for Percent Complete = 515 / 630 = 81.8%.

      If you are using Weighted Steps to progress the cost object, the Actual Start Date must be populated, and Progress Type needs to be set to Percent Complete.