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This procedure recalculates the working forecast for the selected project based upon the selected project period. If the item is in progress, only the ETC value will be spread beginning after the selected project period. If rules defined in the above sections are not followed; for example, an object’s time-phasing End Date occurs before its Start Date, the Time-Phased Cost cannot be calculated, and the Delta Cost will have a non-zero value, indicating an error.

First, expected actuals will be balanced against the working forecast for the selected period and the balance spread based upon the Balance Method. After the forecast variance is approved, these values become the base for the next period’s forecast.

Next, where time-phase settings have been updated, an object’s values will be spread between the Start Date and End Date based upon the selected Curve.

If the start date is prior to the current period, the new curve will be still be calculated using the Start Date, but past period (approved) values will replace recalculated period values to maintain forecast integrity.

Finally, the forecast method will be used to calculate a new EAC and ETC. The new ETC and unexpected actuals will be spread based upon the Adjustment Method. The adjustment is stored in a new line item with an FCT cost account.

  1. Navigate to Forecasts > Forecast.

  2. Click the Actions list and select Refresh Time-Phase Forecast.

  3. Click the Project ellipsis to select the required project. By default, the last selected project appears.

    The Project displayed in the green parameter bar at the top of the screen is the only project available for selection in the Refresh Time-Phase Forecast dialog box.

  4. Click RUN and then OK.