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Time-Phasing is a required process for open line items when Time-Phase is checked in the Project Setup screen (Projects > Project Setup General tab). It does not impact line items associated with budgets having a Submitted, Partially Submitted, or Approved status. Time-phasing should be performed after all original budget line items have been established, including the definition of Cost Account, Resource, Unit of Measure (UOM), and Cost.

Time-phased data may be performed as follows:

  • Manually at either the object or line item level.

  • Systematically by assigning a Start Date, End Date, and Curve (Front-Loaded, Back-Loaded, Linear, or Bell) at the object or line item level. The Time-Phase Open Budget action is then used to spread costs, hours, and quantities.

  • Imported from an external Excel or tab-delimited file.

  • New budget line items cannot be added on the Time-Phasing tab.

  • Cost Account, Resource, and Unit of Measure (UOM) cannot be updated on the Time-Phasing tab.

  • It is recommended that line items with the same Objects, Resource, Cost Account, and UOM are assigned the same Start Date, End Date, and Curve.

The Original Budget Time-Phasing panel is used to view all budget time-phased data, as well update time-phasing for budgets with an Open status. Summary time-phased costs per object are displayed in the upper panel. The range of dates is defined by the Project Start Date and Project End Date. If these dates were not established, the costs displayed will range from the start of the current year through the end of the current year.

The Delta Cost field can be used to identify object level variances caused by discrepancies between total amounts (costs, hours, and quantities) on the Original Budget screen and the Time-Phasing screen. These discrepancies occur only for objects having a Manual time-phasing curve or for objects having a Detailed Settings time-phasing curve where the associated line item levels are set to Manual curve, or if the Time-Phase Open Budget action was not run after costs were updated on the Original Budget screen.

The Time-Phase Open Budget action is used to systematically spread line item amounts with associated with a Back Loaded, Front Loaded, Linear, or Bell curves. Line items associated with submitted or approved budgets are not impacted, nor are line items with a Manual curve type.