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The project dates, create date, last update date, and user ID of the users who created and updated the project appear in the Dates tab.

This procedure allows you to update only the project start date and end date.

  1. In the Project Details panel, click the Dates tab.

    By default, the last selected project appears in the Project ellipsis. To change the project, click the Project ellipsis and select the required project.

  2. Click the Project Start Date ellipsis and select the start date.

  3. Click the Project End Date ellipsis and select the end date.

  4. Click SAVE.

    • The Actual Start Date, Actual End Date, Create User, Last Update User, Create Date, and Last Update Date auto-populate.

    • If the project start and end dates are not set, the gantt chart in the Portfolio Analysis Dashboard does not display the project.