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Time-Phasing is a required process for line items when Time-Phase is checked in the Project Setup screen (Projects > Project Setup – General tab).

Time-phasing may be performed as follows:

  • Manually for cost control objects with Time-Phased Forecast or Manual Details forecast method.

  • Systematically by running the Refresh Time-Phased Forecast action for the cost control objects with all the other curves. These results can be viewed on the Time-Phasing tab.

  • Ensure that the End Date selected occurs after the Start Date. If not, the Time-Phased Cost cannot be calculated.

  • To streamline the time-phasing of line item data while maintaining maximum control of per period values, one of the non-manual curves, time-phase the data, then assign the Manual curve to allow for per period control of values.

  • If the Project Exchange Rate Table is not established in Project Setup screen, then the system cannot calculate Cost in Project Currency.