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The Workflow Admin tab is used to manage project workflow notifications and approvals. Using this functionality, the resources who would receive the project workflow notifications through email are established. These resources may be designated as budget and/or project change approvers as well. Workflow users may be internal to the organization, or external (not an EcoSys user). External resources may receive workflow notifications but must not be designated as approvers. Approvers must first be setup by a system administrator within EcoSys as an EcoSys User in the Users and Security screen (Admin > Users and Security) and also, they must be setup as an EcoSys workflow resource is setup in Maintain Resources screen (Enterprise Data > Maintain Resources).

The Approver field is used to designate if the person is to act as a level 1, level 2, or level 3 approver. Users so designated have both approval and rejection authority. Distribution list defines the associated workflow. If left blank, then you will simply receive emails regarding the specific workflow. The available distribution lists are listed below:

  • Budget Workflow - All budget events.

  • Change Workflow - All change events except forecast variance change submission, approvals, and rejections.

  • Forecast Variance Workflow - Forecast variance change submission, approvals, and rejections.

  • All Workflows - All budget, change, and forecast variance events.

Approvers must be completely established before a budget or a change is submitted for approval. If modifications to the budget or change approvers are identified after a budget or change has been submitted for approval, the budget or change must be rejected. Then alterations should be made in the Workflow Admin tab, and the budget or change must be resubmitted for approval.

Follow the procedure below to setup the workflow users.

  1. In the Project Details panel, click the Workflow Admin tab.

    By default, the last selected project appears in the Project ellipsis. To change the project, click the Project ellipsis and select the required project.

  2. Click the Insert Row icon to add a new workflow user.

  3. Click the User ID ellipsis to select the required user.

    By default, the EXT - External Resource appears in User ID. To change the workflow user, click the User ID ellipsis and select the required user ID.

  4. (Optional) Type the Description or External Name.

  5. Type the email ID of the workflow admin in External Email field.

    External Email is mandatory only if the workflow admin is an External Resource.

  6. Click the Distribution List ellipsis to select the required distribution list.

    Distribution List is mandatory only for internal workflow admin. For External Resource, this option is not available.

  7. (Optional) Select the Approver level.

    Approver option is available only for internal workflow admin.

  8. Click SAVE.

    • For all users, User Name, Member Count and Approver Count are auto-updated.

    • For internal users, User Email is auto-updated.

    • Click the Delete Row(s) icon to delete a selected row.