Update Unit Rate Library - EcoSys - 3.01 - Help - Hexagon PPM

EcoSys Projects Help (3.01)


The unit rate library is a collection of predefined install rates that corelate to material installation associated to Crew Output capabilities. Follow the procedure below to add or remove the material library items.

  1. Click the Unit Rates tab.

  2. (Optional) In the Unit Rate Selection panel, click the Item ellipsis to select the required material. The available unit rates libraries in which the selected item is assigned appear.

    If you do not select any Item, by default, all the available material libraries appear.

  3. In the Unit Rate Selection panel, click the Add hyperlink corresponding to the required material library item. The Add Unit Rate dialog box appears.

  4. Type the required Item Quantity that needs to be installed.

  5. Click the Run button. The selected material library item gets added to the Unit Rate Details panel.

    • You can edit the Item Quantity and click the Save button to update the number of hours after the new material is added. The Labor Rate, Material Rate, Equipment Rate, and Extended Total Cost are re-calculated based on the new Item Quantity.

    • Click the Remove hyperlink to remove the material.