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Time-phasing balance tools are used to manage differences between time-phased cost, hours and quantities of line items with a Manual curve with the cost, hours and quantities entered on the Original Budget screen. A balancing tool may be accessed by simply clicking on an object’s Delta Cost in the Original Budget Time-Phasing panel. This tool will update the selected object’s line items with a Manual curve. Options are as follows:

  • Clear Time-Phasing: Set time-phasing amounts to 0.

  • Update Totals from Manual Time-Phasing: Update a line item’s total amount on the Original Budget screen with the line item’s total time-phased amount.

  • Update Manual Time-Phasing from Total: Updates a line item’s time-phased amounts by spreading the variance between the Original Budget Amount and the Time-Phased Amounts linearly across established Time-Phased amounts.

  1. Click the Time-Phasing tab.

  2. In the Original Budget Time-Phasing panel, click the Delta Cost hyperlink of an object with a Manual time-phasing method. Perform any of the following actions:

    • To set time phasing amounts to zero: Click the Clear Manual Time-Phasing hyperlink.

    • To update Manual line item Total Amounts from Time-Phased amounts: Click the Balance Total From Manual hyperlink.

    • To spread the variance between the original budget amount and the time-phased amounts linearly across established time-phased amounts: Click the Balance Manual Time-Phasing hyperlink.