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In multiple forecasting, you can select multiple projects at a time and then process forecasting.

  • Forecast methods for selected project period can be established only when the last forecast period (one less than current period) is up to date.

  • Skipping period forecasting is not recommended.

Follow the steps below to establish multi forecasting.

  1. Navigate to Forecasts > Multi Project Forecast.

  2. In the Project Controller Navigation Register panel, select the required project controller ID.

  3. On the right-hand side, at the top of the screen, in the green parameter bar, click the ellipsis to select the required project in the below fields:

    1. Project Controller - Select the project controller.

    2. (Optional) Project Manager - Select the project manager.

    3. (Optional) Portfolio - Select the portfolio.

    4. Project Period - Select a project period.

    5. (Optional) Project - Select the project.

  4. If required, click REFRESH to update the screen.

  5. In the Forecast Settings panel, select the Project Level Forecasting check boxes for the projects you want to forecast.

  6. Click the Save icon.

    • You can proceed further to establish multi forecasting for the selected projects only when you save the selection.

    • The Smart Build projects which have SB_Project_UID defined in the project setup appear as read only. These projects are represented in grey fields.

      For example, in the above multi project forecast screen, PRJ-000101, PRJ-000108pr and PRJ-000110 are read only Smart Build projects.