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Intergraph Smart 3Dx Property Descriptions

Intergraph Smart 3D

Displays properties for cable nozzles. A cable nozzle, or port, defines the connection location between a cable and a piece of equipment.

The order in which the properties display in your view depends on your configuration.

Approval State

Specifies the status of the selected object or filter. Changing this property sets the Status. The display depends on your access level. You might be unable to change the status of the object. The list is defined by the ApprovalStatus codelist.

Smart 3Dx saves an object to the database when you change that object's status. Use Undo (CTRL + Z) to reverse the status change.

You can only edit or manipulate an object with a status of Working.


Specifies the cross-section area for the object. This property is read-only. To change this value, edit the object properties in Catalog or in the corresponding workbook.

Behavior Controlled By User

Specifies whether you can delete the object or not. Select False to prevent anyone from deleting the object from the model.

Construction Requirement

Specifies the construction requirement for the object. To change the options on the list, edit the Construction Requirement select list in Catalog.

Created By

Specifies the name of the person who created the object.

Date Created

Specifies the creation date of the object.

Date Last Modified

Specifies the date of the last modification to the object.


Specifies the diameter of the object.

Diameter CONCEPT

Distribution Port Status

Specifies the distribution port status for the object. To change the options on the list, edit the Distribution Port Status select list in Catalog.

Distribution Port Type

Specifies the distribution port type for the object. To change the options on the list, edit the Distribution Port Type select list in Catalog.

Fabrication Requirement

Specifies the fabrication requirement for the object. To change the options on the list, edit the Fabrication Type select list in Catalog.

Rule Driven

Specifies that a rule drives the value. This is the default option. Click to switch to User Driven .

User Driven

Allows you to select a value. Click to switch to Rule Driven .


Specifies the URL or local file path associated with the object. Click the hyperlink to open the page or object in your default browser. Point to the hyperlink to display the URL or path as a tooltip.


Specifies the descriptive text associated with the hyperlink.


Specifies the web address or local file name associated with the hyperlink. The URL must include the protocol, such as http: or https:, as well as the domain name. For example,


Indicates whether the nozzle is connected.

Last Modified By

Specifies the name of the person who last modified the object.


Specifies the name of the selected object. If the name is too long to entirely display in the box, point to the box to display the complete name as a tool tip. If the name is not defined by a rule, User Defined displays. If this name is generated by a naming rule, Naming Rule displays. If you type a name in this box, Smart 3Dx automatically changes the naming rule to User Defined.


Specifies the orientation for the object with respect to the local coordinate system. Use the Bearing, Pitch, and Roll properties to change the orientation of the selected object.

Placement Type

Specifies a location type for the nozzle. The following location types are available for nozzles:

S3D_Equipment_Nozzle_Orientation_Radial Radial

Straight nozzle with nozzle centerline on the radial plane.

S3D_Equipment_Nozzle_Orientation_Tangential Tangential

Straight nozzle on the radial plane, but the nozzle centerline does not intersect the vessel axis.

S3D_Equipment_Nozzle_Orientation_Axial Axial

Straight nozzle normal to radial plane.

S3D_Equipment_Nozzle_Orientation_Skew Skew

Straight nozzle that is tilted from both the radial plane and the vessel axis.

Axial Equipment Nozzle Elbow Orientation Axial Elbow

Elbow nozzle with hub centerline normal to the radial plane.

S3D_Equipment_Nozzle_Elbow_Orientation_Radial Radial Elbow

Elbow nozzle placed with the hub radial to the vessel axis.

S3D_Equipment_Nozzle_Elbow_Orientation_OffsetRadial Offset Radial Elbow

Elbow nozzle placed with the hub tangential to the vessel axis.

S3D_Equipment_Nozzle_Orientation_OffsetSkew Offset Skew

Skew nozzle with a parallel offset in the radial plane.

S3D_Equipment_Nozzle_Orientation_PositionByPlaneandAxis Position by Plane and Axis

Places the nozzle at the intersection of the selected plane and axis. Available only for nozzles that have the same shape or design solid as the orientation reference.

S3D_Equipment_Nozzle_Orientation_PositionByPoint Position by Point

Places the nozzle at the location you select with respect to the active coordinate system. Available with all Nozzles including PipePort (No Added Graphic) and HvacPort (No Added Graphic).


Specifies the axial distance from the reference point along the x-axis.


Specifies the distance from the reference object point to the face of the nozzle or port. This is an unsigned offset along the positive direction of the radial.


Specifies the radial distance to the hub centerline. This is an unsigned offset along the positive direction of the radial.


Specifies the angle around the reference object point measured from the y-axis of the object (y-axis is 0°) or the Y-axis of the coordinate system.

OR1 measured to Active Coordinate System North

Calculates the OR1 angle value with respect to the active coordinate system north. This property is available when the X-axis of the orientation reference is parallel to the Z-axis of the active coordinate system. If a nozzle satisfies this condition, select OR1 measured to Active Coordinate System North and finish the command to save the new value in the session preferences. The next time you select or create a nozzle, the software calculates the OR1 angle value based the last saved preference. Because this is a session preference, this value applies to all of the nozzles in the System Hierarchy Explorer.

Port Type

Specifies the type of port for placement on a selected shape. If the selected port type requires you to define physical dimensions, a picture of the selected port type displays. The picture contains labeled parameters, such as A, B, C, and so forth, that you can define in the Value column of the grid. If the selected port type requires no user-defined physical dimensions, no picture displays. This option does not display when you edit a nozzle that you have already placed in the model.


Specifies the intersection point of the object to the axis. Use the East, North, and Elevation properties to change the position.

Reporting Requirement

Specifies the reporting requirement for the object. To change the options on the list, edit the Reporting Type select list in Catalog.

Sub Type

Specifies the electrical sub-type of the nozzle.


Specifies the type of terminal electrical connection for the port.


Specifies the tightness of the nozzle.